About Holistic Psychotherapy

Therapy can be an extremely rewarding and life-changing process. Many people are unsure of what to expect when they first come to therapy and are nervous about what it will entail. It can often be challenging, but many are surprised with how quickly they begin to feel a bit lighter.

Often, individuals are brought to therapy by a difficult life event such as the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one or an unexpected life transition. These events can be extremely difficult but offer us valuable tools and the opportunity to gain control of your life.

When going through difficult life transitions or struggling with ongoing issues, it can be natural to feel isolated. I will be right alongside you as we work together to make lasting change. Therapy is a process and there is not always a clear path or a quick answer, especially when our work means breaking down the patterns and habits that we've spent our whole lives building up. Fortunately, the tough times can be valuable too. 

What is holistic psychotherapy? 

A holistic approach allows me to work with the entire person, mind and body. In additional to more traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy which explores the impact of your past on your current relationships and functioning, we will explore how lifestyle factors such as diet and stress impact your mental health. We may also practice breathe work and brief meditation in sessions to become more connected to the body. 

Why did you choose holistic psychotherapy?

While I have experience in a variety of modalities of therapy and have worked with individuals with many different mental health goals, what it always breaks down to is the desire to feel better and live a life of purpose  - many people come to therapy with a question such a diagnosis that they want to learn to conquer or the realization that the patterns that were once so deeply ingrained in them are no longer useful. In traditional Western psychiatry, interventions focus on treating symptoms without getting to the root of the problem. We may feel better in the moment but the underlying problems are still there. Many therapies offer quick fixes and medicines can leave people with overwhelming side-effects. At the end of the day many of us don’t feel better. I learned this through my own work - I wanted to feel better and the traditional stuff wasn’t doing it. This is when I found a holistic approach.

Why does holistic psychotherapy work?

Increasingly, scientific research is showing that lifestyle choices such health and nutrition are at the root of many of mental health issues. As the evidence mounts, it becomes liberating to realize the potential of how incredible we can feel. Making these changes alongside the transformative process of psychotherapy can yield profound, sustained results.  

I already have a psychiatrist/nutritionist/integrative medicine provider.

That's great! As an integrative provider, I am trained to work with professionals including medical doctors and holistic providers.